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The Visa on Arrival process is the cheapest. As for "why is it so hard?

First timer's guide to Vietnam

Up until recently a Visa on Arrival cost around 25 US for Aussies arriving into Bali and it didn't deter any for years. To say you will visit Malaysia in future, shows you have not done any research into the history or beauty of Vietnam and its people, so yes maybe Malaysia is for you. You say it is hard? It is not so - but you do need to read and understand the options and procedures for getting a visa for Vietnam. Then you will understand the word "hard". Siem Reap. I would have to agree with the OP to a certain extent, but as others have said it's really no big deal.

I do think the VN authorities could stand taking a course in public relations, and the OP really needs to do his research before traveling to Indochina. I have also been frustrated when dealing with Immigration - welcome to a very interesting place! The fine folks at www. OP is making a fair comment as there are so many holiday destinations where Aussies can go visa free, while to get in to Vietnam one needs to go through VOA procedure or get the visa from embassy by spending some money.

Vietnam also has to become smarter and catch-up with other countries in the region by extending visa free entry and eVisa facilities to Aussies, if they want to increase tourist arrivals. Getting a Visa for Vietnam is not difficult and it is not that expensive. If the OP finds the visa process frustrating I don't think 10 days in Vietnam would be an enjoyable experience for them! James D I am not looking to buy property or live in Vietnam permanently Believe me when I say Vietnam isn't difficult or hard.

And the immigration officials are not much different to elsewhere. As previously mentioned, if you come from Vietnam, Thailand and a couple of other countries in the SE Asia mix, you'll find getting a tourist visa to the Western world extremely hard to get, unless you pay out lots on organised tours. And it gets worse. If you are refused, you lose ALL your money that you put forward upfront for the fees can be hundreds of dollars.

Reciprocity may not be the main reason as it is just as difficult for a Vietnamese to apply to a visa to visit a country like Great Britain but visitors from there enjoys visa exemptions to visit Vietnam. Moreover, it is a single entry visa and allows for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Visitors must pay 2 kind of fees if they want to get Visa on Arrival in Turkey: service fee and stamping fee. The fast you need Vietnam Visa, the higher service fee is.

Why You Shouldn't Overstay Your Vietnamese Visa

July 18, September 23, May 16, September 23, May 9, September 23, Hello, I have a Turkish special passport green passport. I am working as an assoc. Should I get the visa or not to enter Vietnam? Tjank you.

Vietnam Visa For Americans

Your email address will not be published. Use the hostel lockers or the hotel safes. In Vietnam, a lot of accommodations want you to leave the key at reception as travellers are really good at losing them, and they may have replaced too many keys. We always carry a Pacsafe strap lock with us just in case our hotel does not have a safe we will love our valuables in a bag and tire it to the bed. We recommend World Nomads. Get your free quote here.

It all depends on the weather and the time of year you are travelling to Vietnam. This is a general list that can guide you while you are packing.

Reciprocity Schedule

Check our article Travel Packing Tips for Backpackers to help you with your packing. The Vietnamese people are friendly, welcoming and hospitable towards travellers. It is a great destination to travel in Southeast Asia. The people are very respectful, and would like the same back from you. They have different religious beliefs and cultures to your home. Please respect them. Vietnam is a safe country but unfortunately there still is petty theft.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

Whether you are at a restaurant or on a bus always watch you belongings. I have a Pacsafe sling over bag. I can lock the zipper and it is always around my shoulder. When you are on a bus or train, always keep your belongings on you. Never put them in your bag that goes under the bus or in the luggage area. Having it on you it the best way. Unfortunately there are plenty of these around, especially in the main tourist areas.

We had a great time, and it was the real Castaway Tour that is know around the country. There was many other companies calling their tours Castaway, and even saying they are an agent of VBH. People complained to VBH and they had to tell them unfortunately they booked with a company that has nothing to do with them. So beware of this. Book through the main owner or operator. This is a no no.

There is bottled water available everywhere. Popular tourist restaurants will usually have on their menu that they wash their salad and veggies in sterilised water and make tea, coffee and soup from that too. If you are unsure just ask. There are toilets available in restaurants or in public but there may not be toilet paper. Always have your stash. DO NOT put the toilet paper in the toilet. Please put it into the bin provided. Hotels will change this every day. There will be signs everywhere so please obey them.


Hotels may charge a fee if you clog the toilet more than once. Next to every toilet in Vietnam, there is water hose. This is not to wash down the floor. This is to clean yourself up after you do your business. Embrace it.

Arrange your Visa for Vietnam as Soon as Possible

This country is huge and many people underestimate it. Distance on buses and trains are long so be prepared. When you are travelling around the country do take transport time into account. It will be a new currency for you so do take a look at it before you go out spending. Later on they realised but it was too late. Renting a scooter in Vietnam is something everyone does. It is a great way to get around and see all the attractions. But where you rent it from can get you into trouble. Renting bikes from your hotel is fine or from a respected agent, but not from others.

This is where you can get yourself scammed. When ever you rent a scooter take photos of the bike. Same if you rent a bicycle.

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Make sure the hotel and agent can see you taking photos. Please wear a helmet. The road are crazier here than they are in your country.

The rules are different and road conditions are not the best. A quality helmet could save your life in an accident. A lot of travellers think it is cool to ride around with their shirt off or in a bikini and not wear helmet. This is so important. You do not know what is going to happen while you are away and knowing you are covered will put your mind at east.