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End result, I was able to go on Amazon and find Level for an exceptionally affordable price.

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Approach may have started as a rip off but can be a way to beat sticker shock now. One may as well declare the Rolls Royce to be overpriced. Obviously, there is a sufficiently high demand for Pimsleur courses to enable the company to continue selling them at the high price. Perhaps they would make more money if they cut the price in half. And I listen to each lesson multiple times before I move on. My biggest hurdle is not having anyone to communicate with, but I keep at it!

How have you found your conversation skills when talking with a native speaker after using Pimsleur? I keep a Spanish Pimsleur in my car CD at all times. When I feel like practicing I just turn it on for however many minutes. I had been trying to study Spanish at the University and the tutor in the lab could not understand me.

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With Pimsleur in the car less than 2 feet from me, and being able to adjust the volume, my pronunciation has improved dramatically. The tutor is amazed at my improvement. It is a great addition to studying Spanish other ways.

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Exceptional to just listen and answer with no writing or reading. Pimsleur works very well for me and I like the fact that many libraries have several of the Pimsleur series. I am studying GREEK and the transcript is essential for understanding the pronunciation of many words. I am also a visual learner. There is no reason for them not to provide, even at a cost that I think thousands of people would pay and they could profit by.

Personally I discourage all from using this program. I love Pimsleur Language Programs!

Reading A-Z is a one-stop destination for teachers for all their reading needs.

I think they are the best to start learning a language, at least the speaking and listening parts. For writing and reading you need to find a different program. But, the hardest part of learning a language is speaking, and Pimsleur is awesome. I currently live in the USA where they have really good public libraries.

When I have the money I invest in some reduced price Pimsleur programs or I just get them from the library. I have tried French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. Hi Donovan: thank you for the review-very well written.

Better Reading French, 2nd Edition

I am an old American who likes to travel around and have developed a routine of taking the Pimsleur intro from the library San Francisco has them all before I go to a new place-currently doing Japanese. Yes they have many shortcomings but all in all its a good tool for my purpose. I have never really been good at languages so essentially it stimulates my brain and allows me to say a few words and phrases, find the bathroom and generally get a smile and chuckle from the locals-all good.

My wife is Thai, and most of her family lives in Thailand. Thai folks are very friendly, so learning is easy once you have the proper framework for learning. In my limited assessment, the Thai set is very good for a beginner to the language as opposed to other methods that may try to teach the alphabet and writing in addition to vocab and sentence structure. In my experience, having studied 10 languages over the years, Pimsleur is the only one that works. Then the rest follows. Your accent and rhythm are superb — and added vocabulary comes with time.

For languages with hard vocabulary, I make notes on the lessons, look up the words and make flash cards. On the Indonesian CDs, maddeningly, the time they give you to speak is often a bit too short, so I have the pause button ready so I can collect myself. On a recent trip to Amman, Jordan,, I only had time to cover four Pimsleur lessons, and even with just these I was functioning fine with street, shop, taxi and hotel Arabic. This is the system that works. There is also a big secondary market in used CDs, plus libraries often have them. Understanding is very often harder than speaking.

When you speak, you use only words you know and go at your own pace. When someone else speaks, you have no control. They could have a normal conversation and then slow it down progressively until the words became clear. THIS is the frontier! You need to transcribe the minute part of the audio. Where do you start time stamping?

I use my audible to get Pimsleur lessons. You can get 5 lessons for 1 credit or the whole 30 lessons for 5 credits. Your membership for audible is Much cheaper than getting Pimsleur from the websites or on Amazon. I can do the lessons once or twice before moving on.

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Love it! I listen to Pimsleur in the car, and use Mango languages at home. I want to learn Castilian Spanish and had Pimsleur recommended to me. Your review suggests Rocket Spanish but they only do Latin American. With those factors in mind, which do you think would suit my goals best?

It really depends on your learning style and needs. Both very different resources.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Perhaps a great article would be a comparison between the two resources! Can you briefly summarise the most significant differences? I looked at Duolingo and while my kids like that, I find it really inane to have to say an elephant drinks milk, especially when the accompanying picture is of a duck.

We have only been spending half an hour a day and our progress has been slow much slower than when I landed in Poland in knowing only the word for icecream — and it was winter. I spent two years there and am still communicative thirty years later I really want to concentrate more on Spanish this year and three of my eight kids are learning along with me — we are committed to spending at least an hour a day. Seeing progress would likely inspire them to greater effort!

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  • Hello, what a great review indeed, BUT you dont give any information about an important topic, which is what i came looking info for, and its this one. Now, i know this is not an easy answer, but i need to know this because, the main reason im gonna study french is to apply for a visa in montreal, and one the requeriments its to take a french test, now i dont remember what level is minimun requirement, but i guess it would be B2-C1.

    I understand that if i use this program, i would have to learn more vocabulary aside from the one they give me, and thats fine, no problem there. BUT what about grammar, really, what do you think it would be my best option? Great article. It gives me access to the app and Spanish courses 1 through 5 at that price.

    I had never tried it before because it was so cost prohibitive. As someone who uses duolingo and rosetta stone I must say im making mich better progress with pronunciation with Pimsluer. My daughter in law is a native spanish speaker and she agrees. I agree with many of the comments. Having some familiarity is helping me to learn faster. I will also repeat a lesson at least twice. But maybe that will come in later lessons. And last 8 I am also using Duolingo, which is a good complement.

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    Just wanted to make a point about the price.