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The damage produced by this storm was consistent with an EF-1 tornado, with estimated peak winds of mph.

Biggest Container Ships In Storm! Huge Rogue Waves

The time of the tornado was estimated by comparing the location of the damage with radar imagery, according to the NWS release. This is the second tornado to hit the area in just over a year, with another hitting June 1, , miles southwest of Powder River Pass near Dull Knife Reservoir.

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Worland, WY Ph: webmaster wyodaily. The maximum width of the storm path was yards. You might be interested in: October 3, Inaugural WHS Hall of Fame class inducted tonight Commissioners hold off on accepting bid for bike path Worland school board seeks more information on girls softball Foster care focuses on reunification. Most Popular Commissioners hold off Inaugural WHS Hall of Alex Kuhn. Newspaper Contact Subscribe About Photos.

Tents in the storm at Little Bighorn.

Advertise Advertise. Though many animals like deer, moose, and elk can be found year round in Jackson Hole, bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis are most easily viewed during the winter months when they travel from the high peaks of the Gros Ventre Mountains to Miller Butte on the National Elk Refuge. First arriving as early as September, bighorn remain in the valley until the spring, where they return to the rugged mountains some 4, feet above.

Read on to learn more about this charismatic big game species.

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Eyeing up the competition: Bighorn males prepare to rut. To survive in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, animals carve out specific niches, or specializations. Bighorn are alpine experts. Soft grippy hooves, athletic bodies, and a seemingly nonexistent fear of heights allow bighorn to inhabit rugged terrain usually avoided by other herbivores.

Snow Headed for Western Wyoming; Storm to Impact Natrona County [UPDATED]

Their ability to travel quickly across cliff faces is a tactical advantage which helps them avoid predators and find food, but they also appear to simply enjoy technical exposure. By this time of year even lambs are skilled climbers, having been born in the steepest most rugged terrain their mothers can find the previous spring.

Recently we observed this ewe and her lamb run DOWN a nearly vertical rock face, then sprint to the valley floor! Gravity Defying: This Ewe leads her lamb down a near vertical slope to the valley below. Though the prime season for viewing male dominance and courtship displays in the Tetons is late fall, it also occurs in the spring and to a lesser degree throughout the year.

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Rams instinctively butt heads to establish a hierarchy. Enlarged nasal cavities and the horns themselves help absorb the shock from blows, whose sound echoes across the landscape. At around age 7, rams are large enough to maintain dominance within a herd and will actively court and mate with most females. Males stare each other down before engaging in combat.

Like other ungulates hooved mammals bighorn rams enter a period of dominance displays called the rut prior to mating in late fall. Displays are highly ritualized, with mature rams first staring at each other, displaying their horns, before abruptly rearing up on hind legs and crashing heads together.

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  • NWS surveys damage on Powder River Pass, classifies storm as EF-1 tornado.
  • NWS surveys damage on Powder River Pass, classifies storm as EF-1 tornado - Northern Wyoming News.

With evenly matched rams this will continue for some time until the stamina of one is exhausted and he retreats. Dominant males will then spend time pursuing and guarding females. All hooved mammals have what is called a vaso-nasal gland which enables them to sense when a female is receptive to mating.

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