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Now you have the intel for the upgrade of the geometric structure and new broadcast frequency coming thought the planetary heart-brain fields. There is still much work to be done by Servers of the Divine Plan holding the latest codes and consciousness for the Golden Aeon to take their physical vessels holographic projectors to various sites around the world and lay down the energetic fabric and weave the codes of the new reality.

Part of the discordant energy on our planet that still sits as a morphogenetic field or blueprint upon which human consciousness still receives its broadcast is something called the Nephilim Reversal Grid.

Glastonbury Circle And Ceremony

The reversal is just a reference to the reversed energy how it arcs and instead of integrating into the planet, is used as a means of extraction off the earth. Nephilim is the hybrid race between the Oraphim and reptilian races. Oraphims are Star Seeds that carry a high DNA potential, many of which heard the call and are embodied amongst us today.

by Aron Wall

You may well be an Oraphim Soul if you resonate with the various Starseed missions we have been leading over the years. The reptilian intruder races interbred humans descendants of the Oraphim and created the Nephilim, the genetic tampering of the original human design by the intruder groups created the Nephilim which were far more accessible to mind control and did their bidding on the planet.

One of the results of this has been the Nephilim Reversal Grid on the planet that has been responsible for the collection, packaging, and parceling of the Satanic Ritual Abuse programs on the earth, including the pedophilia practices held within some of the priest cast of the Catholic Church, Political groups, Elite groups, Secret Societies, and various other global networks.

I currently see a timeline where all this will be revealed to the public, and the public will be shocked by the depth and level of penetration this has had in society by many of the very people we have entrusted with positions of power and influence. This whole energy network has its main base and headquarters in the United Kingdom and sits under Stonehenge. There are various hubs which feed into this main central all sending the collected distorted frequency into Stonehenge that is then beamed off-planet into the awaiting Demiurge to consume.

With the new planetary broadcasts of the Krystal Spiral, 12 Tree Grid, the return of the Mother Arc into our beloved planet, the tri-wave Source Code under the great pyramid being sent out through the grids. With the continuing light being shed on the pedophilia and the fall and arrest of key priests, including the financial control lynchpin of the entire Vatican, Cardinal Pell being taken down for this, progress is being made in the public awareness of the extent of what has been done to humanity.


More is to be revealed as the energy of Divine Order continues to pull out anything not aligned with the perfected templates of the Cosmic Christ. The public consciousness has started to become more aware and accepting that these practices have been systemic in the church and in places of power such as politics, Hollywood, and various Elite groups influenced by this Satanic Ritual Abuse. The physical minions get life force, life extension and accumulation of power.

Now maybe the time to head to the headquarters and cut off the tremendous energetic collection point and energetic feed off the planet that is Stonehenge. This is what this temple space was initially used, the Druids and Celtics knew this and is what they used the template for.

Glastonbury Circle And Ceremony

However, years ago when intruder races came, they hijacked many of the sacred sites and set up reversal geometries and frequencies of purposes other than their original design. In the current timeline reality, these reversals remain anchored here, and Stonehenge remains the central collection zone for the various darker Satanic practices mentioned earlier. However, we in this community are holding and choose to keep the frequency, energy geometry and timeline of the Golden Aeon.

In this way, we can see that this work is already done. We just need to turn up now and bridge the timeline. Now ideally, the various feeds being sent into Stonehenge also need to be dealt with, and this may be able to be done through on being on the ground at Stonehenge with a solid enough grouping to be able to send tri-waves down the Ley Lines and stop all this nonsense.

In doing so, we trust this will help accelerate the collapse of the Satanic Ritual Abuse program being held in society. Bring to light in the public awareness in the years ahead just the extent of how entrenched this program was in the upper echelons of society, Church, Politics, Hollywood, and Elite Circles that had been affected by the Imposter Spirit. This will cut off a significant food supply for the Demiurge and its Demonic minions off and on the planet and cut the supply lines of this discordant energy arching through the Earth towards Stonehenge.

We will return to Stonehenge and use the temple space for its original purpose and design. Bridge the Golden Aeon timelines and help Stonehenge anchor a broadcast signal of Source and become a powerful Tri-wave hub for our planet and all beloveds who visit there. If this is something that you resonate in supporting and being there on the ground with us, we would love to have you join us bridge what is already complete. Lions gate portal aligns the Earth, the star Sirius and the Galactic Centre and allows an increase in Cosmic energy between the spiritual and physical dimensions so is a high portal of potentiality for this work.

We will do sunrise on the Glastonbury Tor which a powerful portal and Ley line and a key anchor point of the Avalon timeline. It was a monumental moment back in We will head to Stonehenge form specific geometric Code in our group and perform the ritual which you will be fully briefed upon on the ground at Stonehenge to help anchor in a tri-wave hub and take Stonehenge offline as the NRG harvesting hub. We will then drive towards Avebury take lunch and then visit the powerful Stone circle in Avebury, where we will have the chance to communicate with the elementals and Druids now very much awake in the region.

For Dante, then, Dis stands both for Lucifer and the lower circles of his infernal realm. Details of the city and its surroundings in Inferno 8 and 9—including moats, watch towers, high walls, and a well guarded entrance—suggest a citizenry ready for battle.

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The infernal employee who transports Dante and Virgil in his boat across the Styx Inf. In a fit of rage, Phlegyas set fire to the temple of Apollo because the god had raped his daughter. Apollo promptly slew him. Apart from what transpires in Inferno 8. Early commentators report that his name—Argenti—derived from an ostentatious habit of shoeing his horse in silver argento. These angels joined Lucifer in his rebellion against God; cast out of heaven, they laid the foundation for evil in the world.

Once beautiful, they are now—like all things infernal—transformed into monstrous demons. The Medusa, one of three sisters known as the Gorgons, was so frightening to behold that those who looked at her would turn to stone. Conventionally adorned with a head full of serpents, she was decapitated by the Greek hero Perseus.

Demons Gate

Representations of Perseus holding aloft the horrible head of the Medusa were common in the early modern period. A Renaissance sculpture of the scene, by Cellini, has for many years decked the Loggia in Piazza della Signoria, one of the main squares in Florence. Although the arrival of the messenger from heaven—who rebukes the demons so that the travelers may enter Dis lower hell —was anticipated by Virgil Inf.

As an enemy of hell who walks on water Inf. He also bears similarities to Hermes-Mercury, the classical god who—borne on his winged feet—delivers messages to mortals from the heavens. The little wand of the heavenly messenger Inf. Both Christ and Hermes were strongly associated with the kind of allegory Dante describes in Inferno 9. See allegory. The Styx is a body of water—a marsh or river—in the classical underworld. Virgil describes it in his Aeneid as the marsh across which Charon ferries souls of the dead—and the living Aeneas—into the lower world Aen.

It also serves a practical purpose in the journey when Dante and Virgil are taken by Phlegyas—in his swift vessel—across the marsh to the city of Dis.

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The harrowing of hell is previously described in Inferno 4. Virgil now alludes to a specific effect of the harrowing—damage to the gate of hell—in noting the arrogance of the demons at the entrance to Dis Inf. The heavenly messenger pointedly reminds the demons at the entrance to Dis that Dante will not be the first living man to breach their walls.

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  6. Theseus and Hercules, two classical heroes each with a divine parent, previously entered the underworld and returned alive. Hercules, in fact, descended into Hades to rescue Theseus, who had been imprisoned following his unsuccessful attempt to abduct Persephone, Queen of Hades. While the Furies express regret at not having killed Theseus when they had the chance Inf.

    In the Aeneid Charon tries to dissuade Aeneas from boarding his boat by voicing his displeasure at having previously transported Hercules and Theseus to the underworld 6. Given the impasse at the entrance to Dis, Dante understandably wants to know if his guide is up to the task. Dante the poet thus invents a story so that Virgil can save face and reassure Dante the character.

    Commonly applied to the interpretation of sacred texts e. Why is Virgil not able to overcome on his own the resistance of the demons at the entrance to Dis? More commonly, heresy in the Middle Ages was a product of acrimonious disputes over Christian doctrine, in particular the theologically correct ways of understanding the Trinity and Christ.

    Dante Alighieri's Hell

    Their bodies were disinterred and burned, and the possessions of their heirs confiscated. While there is certainly no love lost between Dante and Farinata, there is a measure of respect. What does it say about Dante, himself an exiled victim of partisan politics, to present Farinata as both a political enemy and a defender of Florence?

    But he will not live much longer. Worse still, Dante himself is partly—if indirectly—responsible for the death of his best friend in August As one of the priors of Florence June 15 — August 15, , Dante joined in a decision to punish both parties—white and black guelphs—for recent fighting by banishing ring-leaders, one of whom was Guido Cavalcanti, of the two sides.

    Tragically, Guido fell ill—he likely contracted malaria—due to the bad climate of the region to which he was sent, and he died later that summer shortly after his return to Florence. Epicurus was a Greek philosopher B. E who espoused the doctrine that pleasure—defined in terms of serenity, the absence of pain and passion—is the highest human good. By identifying the heretics as followers of Epicurus Inf.

    A central figure in the conflicting claims of the empire and the papacy, he was twice excommunicated—in and — before his death in This event came to be seen as the origin of the factional violence that would plague Florence for the next century and beyond. Because there will no longer be a future when the world ends see Last Judgment , souls of the damned will have no external awareness to distract them from their eternal suffering. And why is Dante then confused by this reaction?

    Those who perpetrate violence against other people or their property—murderers and bandits—are punished in the first ring of the seventh circle, a river of blood Inferno Identifying the sins of these last two groups with Sodom and Cahors Inf. Although writers of classical Rome admired by Dante allowed—and even praised—suicide as a response to political defeat or personal disgrace, his Christian tradition emphatically condemned suicide as a sin without exception. Penalties could include confiscation of property and even capital punishment.

    Usury was similarly condemned, particularly after it was equated with heresy and therefore punishable by the Inquisition at the Council of Vienne in The path down to the three rings of circle 7 is covered with a mass of boulders that fell—as Virgil explains Inf. The Minotaur, a bull-man who appears on this broken slope Inf.

    Minos wisely had Daedalus build an elaborate labyrinth to conceal and contain this monstrosity. To punish the Athenians, who had killed his son, Minos supplied the Minotaur with an annual sacrificial offering of seven Athenian boys and seven Athenian girls. The Centaurs—men from the waist up with lower bodies of horses—guard the first ring of circle 7, a river of blood in which the shades of murderers and bandits are immersed to varying depths.

    Armed with bows and arrows, thousands of Centaurs patrol the bank of the river, using their weapons to keep the souls at their allotted depth Inf. In classical mythology, the Centaurs are perhaps best known for their uncouth, violent behavior: guests at a wedding, they attempted—their lust incited by wine—to carry off the bride and other women; a fierce battle ensued, described by Ovid in all its gory detail Met.