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Some first ladies have garnered attention for their dress and style. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis , for instance, became a global fashion icon: her style was copied by commercial manufacturers and imitated by many young women, and she was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in Rosalynn Carter served — born age 92 wife of Jimmy Carter. Hillary Clinton served — born age 71 wife of Bill Clinton. Laura Bush served — born age 72 wife of George W. Michelle Obama served — born age 55 wife of Barack Obama. The most recent first lady to die was Barbara Bush served — , on April 17, , at the age of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hostess of the White House, usually the wife of the president of the United States. Retrieved September 30, Washington, Part 3. World Almanac Library. Johnsbury Caledonian. August 7, National First Ladies' Library. August House. Archived from the original on May 10, Retrieved May 4, Journal of the Early Republic.

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She was one of us: Eleanor Roosevelt and the American worker. White House Studies. Lady Bird Johnson and the environment. University Press of Kansas. The White House. Associated Press.

America’s first ladies: An inside look at their private lives

Retrieved November 8, Clinton to Be Official New Yorker". The New York Times. November 24, November 10, Clinton Takes the Oath".

Melania Trump Takes the High Road - and Teaches Media a Lesson

January 4, Start With the First Lady". Retrieved February 6, Retrieved April 4, The International Hall of Fame: Women. Vanity Fair. Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved February 15, New York, NY: Assouline. The Daily Beast. Retrieved October 30, Jeanne E. Anthony, Carl Sferrazza History Now. Curriculum unit based on primary sources. Berkin, Carol, ed. Many of the photos were published for a men's French magazine that is no longer in circulation.

This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common. In November, Melania Trump delivered a rare speech on the campaign trail outlining how fighting cyberbullying would be a priority for her if she were to become first lady. On November 8, , Donald Trump won the majority of electoral college votes and was elected the 45th president of the United States in a stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton.

As Donald Trump prepared for his transition to power, he told reporters that Melania and their son Barron would stay in New York City while he moved into the White House, allowing Barron to finish the year at his private school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Seuss as a "tired and worn ambassador for children's literature. The first lady hoped to achieve better results through her passion for combating bullying. The following month, the secretive first lady was profiled in Vanity Fair.

According to the article, it was Melania who pushed a waffling Trump into announcing his candidacy for president, knowing that he would regret the missed opportunity if he didn't.

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On the flip side, she supposedly never expected to find herself in the White House. Whether or not she ever intended to live in the White House, the first lady went all-out for her first holiday season as a resident there. The display reportedly came together with the assistance of volunteers from 29 states. Photo: White House. A spokesperson said the new hire would help prepare and roll out the first lady's official platform in the coming months. The move came shortly after the publication of the explosive book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House , which described Melania as an unwilling participant in her husband's campaign who broke down in tears the night he was elected.

The first lady was reportedly angered by that account and instructed her staff to push back against the book's claims. More controversy soon surfaced with a report that Donald Trump had been involved with an adult film star a decade earlier, with the starlet allegedly paid to keep quiet just before the election. The first lady subsequently canceled a trip to attend the World Economic Forum in Switzerland with her husband and kept a low profile for several days, prompting speculation of a rift between the two.

On May 7, , Trump unveiled her platform, "Be Best. The president led the nation according to constitution and his wife complied with the rules of tradition by filling her public role as the White House hostess and her private responsibilities of wife, mother and homemaker. Having no constitutional position and not even having a title until the early twentieth century when Charles Nirdlinger's play First Lady of the Land encountered popular success, she remained away from the spotlight.

He really personified the nation. She became an expert at probing deeply into the conditions she observed and in providing her husband with detailed reports. She travelled from the mines of West Virginia to American overseas military bases to extend the president's perceptual reach to all his constituents. She personalized the president's concern for the fighting Americans in World War II and learned the hard facts about domestic working conditions in West Virginia.

As a non-stop do-gooder and because of her strong character and incessant activism, she also used the information gathered on these tours to lobby for specific social policy and educate the public through her writings in particular her daily newspaper column My Day , speeches, lectures and radio broadcasts. Unlike other women married to powerful men who appeared as accessories to power, Eleanor complemented her husband's image. In response, Eleanor lobbied Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes for Ms Anderson to give a concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the Mall of Washington as her auditorium, an event which drew a crowd of 75, However, admiration for the teamwork was not unanimous and angry Southerners in particular spurned the couple's complicitstrategy of power.

Why Being the First Lady Can Be the Second Hardest Job in the Nation - HISTORY

The very best helpers of a president are those who do all they can for him, but keep still about it. It was almost as though I had erected someone a little outside of myself who was the president's wife. I was lost somewhere deep down inside myself. While she had been given national prominence in helping her husband define the times, lead the nation to its economic recovery and establish a political identity in the postwar America, she also had to endure the society's fear of, or discomfort with, powerful women in general and presidential spouses in particular.

She always demonstrated her strong need for freedom of action but she was also an advocate of the First Lady as a supportive and helpful spouse. She believed in Victorian values but repeatedly violated these rules. The rise of the mass media and the culture of celebrity it produced, the women's fascination for a powerful role model in Washington, in a Depression and WW2 era of historic magnitude, along with the pioneering role Eleanor Roosevelt established in the White House, led to the belief that policy-making was integral to a First Lady's function.

Eleanor Roosevelt learned it the hard way. Despite the limits of her role, Eleanor extended the presidential spouse's scope of action in unprecedented ways and the couple's joint leadership inspired many of their successors. With varying degrees, each presidency since the Roosevelts has indeed seen the First Lady's involvement in the political fray.

Presidents' wives are now recognized by the press and the public as important players in the nation's political drama. Most of them have functioned as the president's confidante or adviser. However there are differing degrees of involvement.

The full partner is of course very active in politics, wielding influence both publicly and privately and is a top presidential adviser. The partial partner serves as a presidential adviser and supports her husband's political activities.

John and Abigail Adams: 1 inch (2 cm)

She may assist the president with his speeches and demonstrate some interest in the issues and have been a supporter of her husband's career and campaigns before joining the White House but not as a major force. By definition, the behind-the scenes partner never takes part publicly in political or presidential affairs. She may be a powerful and influential force but always in private.

She played den mother to the President and his entourage. At other times, Bess was the savvy behind-the-scenes pol who projected a homey image. Bill Clinton's second race to the White House offers an interesting illustration of this phenomenon.

The campaign downplayed the First lady's role. There were no more hints that Hillary might serve in the Cabinet. She was forced to remain silent among major issues and her visibility was under the meticulous control of the president's ruthlessly efficient campaign machine.

This was the price to pay to keep Bill Clinton in the White House another four years. There is only an empirical knowledge of the role which every new First Lady has to reinvent or reinterpret every four years according to historical circumstances, political culture as well as to her own persona and ambition.