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As the destruction begins, he retreats to the planet called Thule, the creative centre of the galaxy, where he believes he can be reunited with his wife. In a strange way, his wish is granted. Hence the title. Angelo and Ariadne have been cloned for one purpose only: to bring back the early Pioneers sent out from Earth as part of a scheme to populate the galaxy with human kind. However, their task becomes more complex since, with each return to Earth, they discover in themselves a humanity which was not planned for by their makers.

At the same time, it is evident that the humans of Earth are evolving negatively and the species is dying out. The Nightingale, a hospital ship, build to return injured aliens to their home-world after the War of Ignorance, vanished without trace on its maiden voyage. A year after its disappearance it was recovered, empty of all life save for one creature, the captain, Jon Wilberfoss, and he was insane.

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The story is told by Wulf, the Autoscribe who conducted the investigation. The title refers to an ancient standing stone.

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The four books which constitute this story, all take place in a universe just a few seconds out of phase with our own. In this alternative universe the Roman Empire never fell and Christianity never became more than a minority cult. But as with us, more than years have passed since Caesar landed on the shores of Britain. Many things have changed but within the Roman political world, the sensual, corrupt and brutal way of living persists.

Science has advanced after a fashion, but mainly to satisfy the whims of a mad emperor and the needs of the Arena. However, beyond the walls of the cities, Britannia is still covered with vast dense forests in which dwell the bellicose descendents of the conquered ancient tribes as well as some creatures from an even earlier and more mythic age. Here magic is alive and well, and thriving.

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The Roman capital of Britannia is Eburacum, which we know as the City of York and the entire story takes place in this small section which we know as North Yorkshire, including the wild Moors. But the book is not parochial, I assure you. I do not wish to explain the plot in terms of the individual books. I think that would be too difficult, for the plot is complex and has many threads and digressions which take one from say the world of high and bloody politics to a strange and moonlit world where the ancient spirits of the Earth, the dryads of the trees and magic still holds sway.

Nor, despite a preoccupation with issues which trouble our world and a concern for philosophy, is this book wholly serious. Clowns operate at all levels of society. But finally I want to leave some surprises for those of you who choose to embark on the book, and you will not be able to predict the ending.

Expressed simply , this is how the book gets going. The four books are one book, and it follows the adventures of three characters who are thrown together by fate. Here gladiatorial and chariot contests still persist — for the Romans are nothing if not conservative when it comes to tradition — but also it is a place where the old warriors can still fight, sitting inside custom-built mechanical, chariots which are built to resemble savage beasts.

Next there is Miranda. And finally there is Angus who is the same age as Viti and Miranda, whom he loves. Angus is a mechanic at the Battledome, strong as an ox and unable to resist a fight if one is on offer. However, beneath his rough exterior there is the quick and hungry mind or a man who will in the fullness of time become a revolutionary.

So… Viti rapes Miranda at a party held to celebrate his victory at the Battledome. Angus finds out and sets out to kill him. The plot backfires and Angus, Miranda and Viti are forced to escape together to the wild wood. There is no love lost between them, but pragmatism and a need to stand together amid this alien and threatening world, unites them. And it is there that their adventures begin. In the following books we follow their evolution to a point where the world almost ends.

Since I am not giving you the plot, here is what Russell Letson in his perceptive review of the last two books says. Or you can ignore all the theoretical babble in this paragraph and read A Land Fit for Heroes as a grand and eccentric adventure set in another world quite unlike any of the standard brands.

Either way, you win. This book is not yet published, but it is finished. It tells the story of what happens to the radical and highly respected botanist, Hera Melhuish when she elects to stay alone, down on the planet called Paradise as it undergoes a wild and dangerous evolution. It tells of how she escapes just with her life, but marked for ever more, and of the love which she leaves on Paradise. But appearances are of course deceptive, as Hera and her companion Mac discover as they try to save an exotic entity called a Dendron, hitherto believed extinct.

But as Hera says:.

One only. ONE in the whole of the entire univers. Think of that. The last. The only. The never, never ever to be repeated. The book is not really an Adam and Eve story, though some parallels exist simple because of the name Paradise. But the creatures of this paradise were never present in the Garden of Eden. This is a book for 11 — 15 year olds. It uses some of the creatures developed in full in The Disestablishment of Paradise, though the way the plot is resolved is different, as is the conclusion.

It has been given a successful reading on radio. This book is still being written, so I am cautious about saying too much. One thing I can say is that the book is turning out to be quite different to all my earlier books … and then, for something completely different…. This a Handbook on Creative Drama. All the research is complete.

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Only makes my copy more valuable to me. Keep writing anyway for you have a wonderful gift. Thank you for your wonderful work. Wish you all the best. Phillip, perhaps you can now release these as e-books or self-publish them on Amazon, so people still have access to them? Hi Eileen, Thank you for writing to me, and congratulations on winning the SpecFic award. If you are one to prefer autobiographical accounts with a diary format, then this is the right travel partner for you.

The narrative is rough and the plot is set in If you are a history buff, you might prefer reading about the politics of the Middle East and culture of all the places she describes through personal reflections. On reaching Tibet, he is so intrigued by its culture, that he chooses to stay there and becomes a tutor and friend of the 14 th Dalai Lama.

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The book describes the contemporary Tibetan culture in great detail. The book is known as a landmark in travel writing and is set in the backdrop of the second world war. If you want to read a book with a blend of political, cultural and historical side, then this might be the right fit for you. It follows the journey of Christopher, post his graduation from Emory University.

The book is a heartfelt story of a man who gives up all materialistic things and wanders into the wild, to fend for himself. The book uses novel-style description and characterization to tell a true story, plays with philosophical elements and leave the reader with food for thought. Norwegian wood is a coming-of-age novel that outlines the story of Toru, a quiet college student and Nokyo, a beautiful young woman and their tragic history marked by the death of their best friend years before. This book takes you back to a time of youth, courage and first love.

The book would be the right fit for you if you are looking for fiction paired with a positive message. From posing as millionaire aristocrats to escaping from the mafia, the book follows their journey and the dangers they face at every turn. If you want a breakaway and get insight into the adventures sometimes illegal of the two heroes of the book, then you might give this one a shot. Wanderlove is a heartfelt story of discovering oneself through travelling. It follows the life of eighteen-year old Bria and her quest for independence.

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As she signs up for a tour of Central America the wrong one , her journey of self-discovery set in the backdrop of her adventures, finally begins. Wanderlove is a thoughtful narrative and will find an audience among readers willing to take the time to get to know the characters, even if they might not understand their motives always. The book depicts the experience of undertaking a dedicated hike without appropriate planning and conditioning. Bryson is a humourist and while reading the book, you might fall out out of your chair laughing at odd moments. The novel is appreciated by many for its genuine portrayal of the chaotic life in Bombay.

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Based on the life of the author, this book would be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a genuine description of India especially Bombay and read about the experiences of an ex-convict. This book was introduced to the world in by Victor Frankl- a renowned psychologist and a holocaust survivor.