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Yesterday it was, what, 'loquacious'? So today it's ' flippant ,' huh?

My mind is still as sharp as it always was, maybe even sharper. And don't This is serious.

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You'realways flippant! Yesterday itwas, what, 'loquacious'? Jason Mott, Always prone to flip- pancy!

The spoonerisms that comprise this book have been patiently collated by Matt Nicholas over a period of six years and represent both imaginative research and fortuitous discovery. Matt Nicholas, As a result, if you are looking for the right pick-up line to use the next time you meet someone attractive, it would be advisable to stick to compliments or things that will make the other person feel good and to avoid flippant remarks, crude jokes, Justin J.

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Lehmiller, With aflippantattitude, peopleno longerfear social media, but they don't take it seriously either. Companies taking this approach simply make social media technology available, with some basic policy guidance, in hopesthat Anthony Bradley, Mark McDonald, Still, what could have been just a string of flippant , obnoxious drunken war stories followed by redemption she does get dry, eventually is At the risk of sounding flippant The bottom line for this label is about engaging with this amorphous and elusive community Paradoxically, flippancy dilutes the pleasures of good laughter, gradually becoming, like an addictive drug, the only thing one has Terry Lindvall, In their kooky eccentricities and fun-loving flippancy , they were purely punk.

Thursday's gig will see these two bands of adolescents punking it The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas review — a fantastical family ….

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And like Pratchett, Thomas blends her flippancy and her philosophy perfectly. This flippancy to assuming meaningful responsibility, coupled with the drive to make as much money as possible, underpins the psyche of Wall As Franz Beckenbauer, then coaching the West Germany team, later said with typical flippancy : "We were almost stopped by the Wall.

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It was my In this way, the artists have captured the growth of the digital world, particularly grasping its unpredictability and flippancy. Hashtag Abstract is a Sharks are serious business this summer, with "Sharknado"-style flippancy a barely heard echo following grisly attacks on beachgoers off the Flippancy [online].

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Load a random word. This is partly why I often defend the DC films: because despite their flaws, at least they consciously avoid flippancy. In other words, even these fantastical figures such as Superman and Wonder Woman act like real people, caught in the midst of a fearful or tense situation. In turn, this cynical, flippant approach to stories and popular culture infects reality. Even more often, we see people being flippant about serious matters, including personal character and even simple human biology.

Excellent analysis. I would agree that flippancy can be a problem, but I disagree that it was as much of a problem with Guardians 2 as this article makes it seem.

Meaning of "flippancy" in the English dictionary

I would agree that not every moment was intended to be flippant. Where I lost it was when Drax was dragged behind their spaceship, battered and smashed, and simply falls to the ground laughing. NEW: Order Lorehaven print issues online! Library Find Christian fantastical novels fantasy sci-fi supernatural and beyond.

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Lorehaven serves Christian fans by finding biblical truth in fantastic stories. Book clubs, free webzines, and a web-based community offer flash reviews, articles, and news about Christian fantasy, science fiction, and other fantastical genres. Screwtape says flippancy is the cheapest and most soul-deadening form of humor. I disagree.

However, the most powerful story-haunt of all may be flippancy.