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This haunting tale happened during the war of , and the ship in question was called 'Dash'. This ship was well known for breaking records of raking up sunken ships.

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Raising the dead from their resting spots on the ocean floor. The 'Dash' ended up going down just off Bailey Island in Casco Bay ; maybe karma for disturbing the dead.

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And, since the day 'Dash' went down below, it has not been in peace. The entire crew was lost that day; and tales began about seeing this ship setting sail again. Believe it or not, but, either way, watch those shores at your own risk! Sign In. Terror on the Water! Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Filed Under: Categories: Articles.

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Upstate New York is such a fun place to visit, that some people don't want to leave -- even after death. Haunted houses, cemeteries of unrest, and other sites of paranormal activities have turned the region into a hotbed for ghost hunters and fans of spooky stories, even more so than the "Amityville Horror" House downstate. Many historical sites offer guided tours, especially in the summer and around Halloween, but a few places that we'll leave out are on private land and closed to trespassers.

If you're interested in having your skin crawl or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, then grab a flashlight and enjoy our list of haunted places in Upstate N. Vale Cemetery -- Schenectady, N. According to hauntedplaces. Eight public tours are offered between April and November, taking the morbidly curious through the victims of the Revolutionary War, the "Victorian Lady in Mourning" and others. Saratoga's resort hotel and popular wedding venue has long seen reports of mysterious figures in wedding photos, hostile energy, objects moving or cold spots.

SyFy's " Ghost Hunters " investigated the former Congress Spring Bottling Plant and Congress Hall which now holds the Saratoga Springs History Museum , experiencing hair pulling, touching and an electromagnetic field on the third floor; others claimed they were slapped by a female specter in a Victorian dress or smelled cigar smoke that isn't there. Civil War veteran George S.

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Batcheller built the mansion in You can rent a room and stay overnight to conduct your own investigation. Ghost tours and guided visits are offered, with experiences like flickering lights, mysterious footsteps, cold spots, spooky voices and visions of ghosts, like a late gardener who apparently only appears to children. Forest Park Cemetery -- Brunswick, N.

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USA Today recommends this abandoned s cemetery, also known as Pinewoods, located outside of Troy and closed to the public -- though the gates and fencing have been removed. Shattered gravestones and a vandalized mausoleum may disturb you, but just think how disturbed the former residents must feel. Many report feeling cold spots or something that doesn't allow them to leave, as well as lighter paranormal activities like the sounds of children's laughter.

Yates Elementary -- Schenectady, N. Students at this K-6 magnet school have reported seeing children enter a locked door with a hidden staircase to a classroom for disabled students, according to The Free George. Others have claimed to see ghosts in the bathroom or heard children's laughter when there are no kids on the grounds.

Loudon Cottage -- Loudonville, N.

Get scared by Maine’s haunted history: Ghostly walking tours in Portland, Freeport and the midcoast

Supposedly you can see the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in this summer home owned by Clara Harris, the woman who sat next to the president when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Some of his blood stained her white satin dress and she kept it in the closet, only to one day see his spirit in a rocking chair, staring at it. The cottage is not currently open to the public, but tours have been offered in the past. Witnesses say they've seen her spirit re-enacting the "American Tragedy" or seen her face in the water, or felt wet chills. Sagamore Hotel -- Bolton Landing, N.

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Built in and now listed in the National Register of Historic Places, several ghosts have been reported -- the most spooky of which is a little boy who used to sell golf balls to the pro shop until he was hit by a car. Golfers say they've seen him chasing or even taking their golf balls, flinging them from behind a tree and laughing. Fort Ticonderoga -- Ticonderaga, N. One legend says General "Mad" Anthony Wayne's mistress Nancy Coates drowned herself in Lake Champlain when he left her for another woman, and her apparition can be seen running after Wayne or floating on the water.

Others say they've heard sobbing or seen artifacts in locked cases moved around. Garrison Ghost Tours " are offered at night during the summer.

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Beardslee Castle -- Little Falls, N. A stone's throw from the Thruway Route 90 is John Beardslee's home built in the early s, now a popular wedding destination -- especially for fans of the supernatural. Stories of hauntings from victims of the French and Indian War have persisted for decades, but other legends include ghosts of a woman named "Abigail" who died the night before her wedding and Pop Christensen, the first owner of the castle when it was turned into a restaurant, who hung himself in the building.

At the south end of Lake George is a ghostly bride, some say, looking for her husband after they were murdered while sleeping on their honeymoon in the s.

Skene Manor -- Whitehall, N. Another haunted place near Lake George? Must be something in the water. The s-built home, originally known as "Mountain Terrace," is supposedly haunted by the wife of one-time owner Philip Skene. Her spirit has been claimed to be seen near a fountain that was once where her body was buried.

The haunting: Ten tales of terror from our spectred isles | The Independent

Built in the s as a blacksmith shop, the popular dining spot provides unexpected entertainment when a female spectre allegedly turns lights and music on or off, or drops bottles on the floor. They returned and asked the women to move a ball on a table, and it rolled right into one investigator's lap. The mini-mansion is named after Mount Morris native Francis Bellamy, who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, but the Haunted History Trail says ghosts named Karen and Ray apparently enjoy interacting with guests.

Seven miles east of Lyons is a bed-and-breakfast frequented by tourists and ghost hunters. Featured on Syfy's "Haunted Collector," the former Wayne County Jail and sheriff's residence is now a museum offering historical tours and ghost walks. The Phelps store and Palmyra Historical Museum offer double the spooky fun, with evidence of spiritual happenings recorded by several groups of investigators.