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In the other books, it does become extremely irritating. Otherwise, Green dishes up an intriguing mystery with twists and turns, and even some great action scenes. Hawk lets his temper and sense of justice get the best of him to deal with the manufacturer of a vicious new drug, and numerous people wind up dead. The guard couple is separated while things cool down, with Fisher aiding the guarding of a peace conference and Hawk getting a new partner to track down the drug kingpin hopefully in a less violent fashion.

Can they figure out everything in time to save their reputations, and their lives? This book takes the corruption in Haven to a whole new level, really making me wonder why anybody would live there. Separating Hawk and Fisher actually highlights their characterizations more, making them much more interesting to read about. The action scenes add to the fun and are very well-written. It starts with a riot at the local prison where all of the hardened criminals including quite a few dangerous wizards are being held, then rolls into a political drama where the fragile peace between two warring countries is put at risk due to an insane desire for revenge.

This last is refreshing stuff. In short, very violent, very funny, very good. Coda bounds forward at a terrific pace…always keeping its focus on the characters rather than impenetrable technobabble. Coda retains the sense of adventure and high spirits that so many epics lose when they drown in their own backstory. Green uses every trick in his extensive repertoire in constructing this ultimate Deathstalker adventure. Highly recommended.

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Green has packed Mysterie with a cast of colorful characters. Green throws it all in a lender and what comes out is a very satisfying story. Fans of the urban fantasies of Charles de Lint and Tanya Huff should enjoy this multilayered tale. For most fantasy collections. It is also a highly entertaining book, easy to read and great fun. Without making it an actual comic story, Green writes with a dry wit and irony which is refreshing and appealing, particularly when compared to the pedestrian nature of much fantasy writing.

The finale is epic. His first foray into more traditional crime fiction albeit with an otherworldy flavor will delight mystery readers, especially those who relish a bit of genre blending.

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If anything it was over too soon. The author captures the English Country Manor Murder Mystery feel very well, as he sets up pretty much everybody as a suspect…I look forward to finding out more in future volumes.

Some things that have been described in his previous books were never as scary as they are in this particular novel. For everyone that loves murder mysteries, and that can stomach some pretty scary scenes, this is a definite recommendation. Richard Kadrey and E. Jones, an alien who landed on Earth in the s and now masquerades as a human, is an operative of the Organization, a shadowy outfit that deals with events of a creepy, otherworldly, or just plain weird nature.

In this case, what starts out as an investigation into a possible doorway to another universe turns into a homicide investigation. Jones is a very interesting character, a man? For the Nightside Novels. Hamilton and Jim Butcher will eat this one up. There is a hard edge to the book, which I think enhances the chaos and mayhem.

His most fantastic series, Nightside, kicks off with a book that delves readers deeper into their imagination than they ever thought possible. Supernatural and religious elements combine in the Twilight Zone-like setting. With dark humor and psychological horror he rivals urban horror writers such as Jim Butcher and Christopher Golden.

Laurell Hamilton fans should enjoy this series as well. Green is a remarkably effective writer, and his work here is exemplary. He describes vistas that are astonishing, inspiring and darker than the reader might expect.

Simon R. Green is a man who knows what works and delivers…no less than a perfectly satisfactory reading experience. Green is a natural story teller with a wonderful imagination. Think Mickey Spillane writing espisodes of Millenium. Fans of Harry Dresden would find John Taylor a terrific read…but then again, so would any fan of good, dark urban fantasy. With every book in this series Green fleshes out his world more and more. A perfect blend of mystery and supernatural fantasy, the Nightside has it all, superb plotting, witting humor and great dialogue. Full of original and unique characters the Nightside is a place I love to visit.

I cannot recommend this series enough. Taylor is an eminently sympathetic hero,…entertaining. Witty banter, a well-constructed plot and compelling characters combine to make this one hell of a read. I absolutely love this series. Green takes his Nightside series to the next level.

With John Taylor as your guide, you know things will never be dull… Strongly recommended. Each one a quick-reading nugget of fun, chock-a-block with monsters, gangsters, touch talk and good jokes. Yikes, get me my gas mask and aluminum-foil helmet. They can read their own Simon R.

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Want to Read: Simon R Green’s HAWK & FISHER Series

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