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Visitors have reported strange noises coming from the upstairs floor of the house. An angry spirit has also slapped one employee and pushed another.

4 REAL Haunted Houses to Visit this Halloween in Idaho Falls | Ron Sayer's Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The Lemp Family suffered tragedy after tragedy. Louis mansion. Now a restaurant and inn, guests report eerie midnight encounters with the spirits of the Lemp family, troubled even in death.

Related: The Lemp Mansion Curse. At this ruined old state prison in Deer Lodge, Montana, visitors have reported terrifying paranormal activity including the sensation of being choked by some unseen force. The legend of the seven sisters is well known in Nebraska City. The story goes that a man hung each of his seven daughters or in some accounts, sisters on the trees that line this dirt road.

Commuters today claim to hear the sounds of female screams and have had their cars break down unexpectedly. She is said to be the ghost of a prostitute who frequented the hotel during its red light days, and was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend or husband. Today she haunts the halls, terrifying guests. Visitors have reported that the hand glows at night, and instead of the finger pointing above to heaven, it points below, to hell. Phantom headlights, Satan worshippers, and the ghosts of animals from a ruined zoo have all been reported on Clinton Road.

Most terrifying, however, is the spirit of a boy who drowned in nearby Clinton Brook. He died when a boiler exploded on site. Cast and crew claim Bobby will pull a variety of tricks to sabotage their performances. They have taken to leaving doughnuts to appease him before shows. This beautiful 19th-century mansion in Oneida, New York proves that looks can be deceiving. The paranormal activity was so intense that its owners contacted paranormal researchers known as the Shadow Chasers.

Inside the house they heard disembodied voices and unexplained footsteps, and encountered a shadowy figure. The gigantic room Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina, is one of the most famous and frequently visited homes in the United States.

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Others have caught sight of a headless cat roaming the property, and the echoes of conversation in the empty indoor swimming pool. Visitors have also seen the ghost of a young boy standing by the well in which he apparently drowned.

ALASKA: Kennecott

Notorious for its brutal medical procedures, this decaying mental hospital is teeming with paranormal activity. One particularly haunting story tells of a patient who literally became lost inside the maze-like hospital. Her naked body was found a year later, with her clothes folded neatly beside her.

Visitors today say you can still see the stain of her body on the floor. A paranormal investigator visited St. Henry and Georgiana Pittock built their dream home in Portland, but sadly passed away just a few years after moving in. When Eastern State Penitentiary was built it was only meant to hold prisoners. Somehow, the capacity swelled to over 1, inmates.

Known for its sadistic guards, who reportedly doused prisoners in cold water and forced them to stand outside in freezing temperatures, the now decrepit halls of Eastern State still send shivers down the spine. A team of researchers and the founder of the Ladd School Historical Society once visited the building where the supposed murder took place. Upon entering, all their filming equipment stopped at the exact same time. Guests report the smell of his cigar, the sound of his boots in the hallway, even his reflection in the mirrors. The staff claims a ragtime song is frequently heard coming from an empty piano, and glasses and flatware have been known to fly through the air.

Locals say the spirit of Kate Batts, a woman who believed the Bell clan cheated her out of her property, still haunts the cave near the Bell family land. Any object taken from the cave is said to be cursed. Electrical equipment reportedly malfunctions near the cave and paranormal investigators have encountered violent forces at the site.

Built around , this Greek revival in Jefferson, Texas, is home to several ghosts, most notably the Lady in White, who was first spotted by the owner of the house in the s. A staff member later reported the sensation of being watched, and sure enough, when she turned to look, she saw a woman dressed in white heading down the hallway. A bride and groom had just been married at Gunston Memorial Chapel, near where Westminster College stands today. They were set to leave for their honeymoon when a drunk driver smashed into their car, killing the newlyweds. The bride, unable to leave the site of her wedding, apparently still roams Converse Hall, dressed in bridal white.

This beautiful covered bridge in Stowe, Vermont is reportedly home to the ghost of a girl named Emily, who planned to meet her lover one night under the bridge. When her lover never materialized, she hanged herself from the bridge rafters. Commuters crossing the bridge report strange noises, such as the sound of rope tightening. When their vehicles emerge from the other side, they are often covered in scratches. Among the resident spirits is a former slave named Sally, a Lady in White who perished by falling down the stairs, and the victims of an shipwreck.

The ghost of artist Thomas Williamson also haunts the property; he has been seen at the top of the stairs, painting. Built by Chester Thorne as a gift for his bride Anna, both Mr. Thorne are said to haunt the property that spans 27, square feet. Visitors also report seeing a ghostly young boy who reportedly drowned on the property standing on the shore of the lake. In this Gothic style state prison, visitors are most haunted by the Shadow Man, the ghost of a maintenance man who was allegedly stabbed to death by inmates for reporting activity to the guards.

Interested in meeting this shadowy figure? Tours at Moundsville begin at sundown for maximum freak-out effect.

Idaho Haunted Houses -

Summerwind was built in —and has driven its residents away with terrifying activity ever since. As for the second set of owners? After allegedly discovering human remains buried in a crawlspace, the family fled, abandoning the house entirely. The mansion burned down in , yet remnants of the spooky structure remain.

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Wearing a white dress with long, flowing black hair, her unnerving presence has been known to drive guests screaming from their rooms. By Jessica Ferri. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Anchorage, Alaska Historic Anchorage Hotel.

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Tombstone, Arizona Bird Cage Theater. Want more haunted destinations? From hotels to defunct hospitals to old prisons, there are many allegedly haunted places all over the country. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there's definitely something spooky about these places. Now a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, the Sloss Furnaces were a key part of the iron producing industry for 90 years.

Every fall, the site hosts the Sloss Fright Furnace, a haunted house attraction, and offers ghost tours. This hotel in downtown Anchorage is allegedly haunted by the former city police chief, Jack Sturgus, who died mysteriously near the hotel in According to Haunted Hotels, guests have also reported other possibly supernatural activity, including faucets and televisions turning on and off by themselves.

4 REAL Haunted Houses to Visit this Halloween in Idaho Falls

The hotel is allegedly haunted by former guests who have died on the property. Today, guests can participate in ghost tours to see the paranormal activity for themselves. Dating all the way back to , the Strater Hotel has years of history behind it, including many ghost sightings. Each room is equipped with a "ghost diary" so guests can record instances of paranormal activity around the hotel.

Ghosts of former lighthouse keepers haunt the isolated building, according to Damned Connecticut. It is said that conditions were abysmal, and that many prisoners died there due to maltreatment. It doesn't come as much of a surprise then that their restless spirits are said to haunt the building. The Old St. Johns County Jail housed St. Augustine's most violent criminals from to Many former inmates still reportedly haunt the site.

Now a museum, the jail offers nighttime "Ghost and Gravestones" tours for visitors looking to spot the local ghosts. Savannah, Georgia, is a particularly haunted city, according to Ghost City Tours , and the Lucas Theatre fits right in. Apparently there have been reports of ghost sightings at the theatre, including shadowy figures and sounds of applause even when there's no one around.