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All rights reserved. Under other circumstances: Otherwise I might have helped.


In other respects: an otherwise logical mind. Used to indicate a category to which the preceding adverb does not apply: All the students, dressed suitably and otherwise, went on the field trip.

Or else. You may have a point, but I think otherwise.

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I'm not well today, otherwise I would have helped. You have to open your umbrella, otherwise you'll get wet. He lost his temper once in a while.

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Otherwise he behaved rationally. Usage notes "Otherwise" is often used to refer to the negative of something. The something may be a noun phrase, a verb phrase, an adjective phrase, or an adverb phrase, or a clause, or even something larger.

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Adjective not comparable Other than supposed; different. He said he didn't do it, but the evidence was otherwise.

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As junior scholars, we have aligned ourselves with emancipatory, decriminalizing, life-affirming social projects that have unapologetically transformative demands. For the last four years, we have been asking one another and our co-thinkers on the ground: What kind of anthropology can contribute to this deep and enduring practice of otherwise world building?

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Together, we call for a move from the anthropological study of the otherwise to an Otherwise Anthropology. These results are drawn from our Fieldsights content, as well as announcements and information pages. These results are drawn from articles published in Cultural Anthropology since Results from our backfiles and Curated Collections will be added in the weeks ahead.