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He's a film noir movie buff and uses aliases like Sam Spade when gathering information from people. His best childhood friend, Cal, a serious computer research expert, AKA hacker, helps him out with research on persons of interest. These characters are all in this edition. Reel Estate Rip-Off centers on a real estate agent who lost everything when the real estate market bottomed out who may or may not have been murdered who had a very expensive vintage film poster on the wall in his extremely sparsely furnished apartment.

Reed's research into his real estate deals shows one property that had two contracts on it. Very interesting. Aug 02, Nina rated it liked it. I would classify this as amusing and mindless airplane reading. Second in a series, of which I did not read the first, but it wasn't necessary to quickly catch up on the lead character.

The protagonist, a Denver private investigator with a passion for all things film noir, uses his arcane knowledge of movie memorabilia to solve a murder case and to prove it was murder and not an accident in the first place. He is assisted by his best friend, a computer genius all modern mysteries require such I would classify this as amusing and mindless airplane reading.

He is assisted by his best friend, a computer genius all modern mysteries require such a friend in the plot , and two goofy brothers who are his neighbors all light-hearted novels require goofy sidekicks. Jan 10, Lyle Nicholson rated it really liked it. Renee Pawlish is an engaging author. Her series of a recreation of the hard-boiled detective with feelings is an interesting niche market.

This book moves along quickly with the amateur detective finding lots of trouble and meeting numerous interesting characters. However, I found myself not really enjoying this genre. Perhaps it was the setting in Denver with the premise of a search for Hollywood Memorabilia, maybe LA would have suited this better? I'm not sure. This book is well written, good Renee Pawlish is an engaging author. This book is well written, good dialogue, however, I'm not the old detective story type.

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If this is your genre you will enjoy this. Renee Pawlish puts detective Reed Ferguson into a compelling real estate mystery when his friend's realtor brother turns up dead , found over a cliff from an apparent accident.

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But, the deceased was known to hate both bicycling and heights! Mix in great characters, humor, plenty of puzzles that twist and turn, and fascinating history about Hollywood celebs and memorabilia!! A great read!! Detective story and movie noir I really like the Reed Ferguson detective stories. Reed is hired to figure out if his client's brother was murdered. He stirs up trouble with his questions until the murderer tells him the whole story, on video no less.

The movie memorabilia described on the way adds an interesting facet to the story. The goofball brothers are funny. A good little mystery. Dec 10, Brooke rated it really liked it. Reed is always a joy to be around. He's a man's man who is smart and genuine. Where are men like Reed these days? This is the second in the series but you feel right at home like you've been reading it for years. The supporting cast is fun and enjoyable and the mystery keeps you on your toes.

Definitely worth your time.

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Jul 31, Laurie Hanan rated it it was amazing. Another fun case with one of my favorite private eyes, Reed Ferguson. A baffling mystery, plenty of suspense, some rough-and-tumble, but no graphic violence, sex, or swearing. Just loads of good clean fun with a satisfying ending. Jul 31, John rated it liked it.

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I accidentally read this book in the series before I read Book 1. As a result, I found it a bit hard to 'get a grip' on the main character. I may need to return to this review once I've read the first book. Reasonably good story though. A good Reed Okay that was a bad pun. When I read the first book in this series I wasn't sure I'd ever read the second. However, this book has turned my view of this series around. I can honestly say thus was a pretty good book. I look forward to reading the next one. I always enjoy reading the Reed Ferguson series. I've read several.

Good, likeable characters. Private Eye detective film noir type stories. Reed is a big 's movie buff, especially Bogart. I recommend this series. Very enjoyable read. Flowed well and had me wincing and smiling along with our hero.

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A lovely read. Good old fashioned whodunnit beautifully written and well crafted. Read it. You know you want to.

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  6. Am off to find the next book: 'The Maltese Felon' I believe. Great read with an interesting protagonist. Kept me guessing till the end. The detective in this story is not your Sherlock Holmes and definitely not the tough-guy type but, he manages to find the killer with a little help from his friends.

    Reel Estate Rip-Off

    I certainly recommend this book. Oct 28, Heidi rated it really liked it. I'm reading this series out of order, but it really doesn't matter because the characters are so enjoyable and the story lines are believable. I haven't read a book yet in this series that disappointed me.

    Sep 21, Jim rated it it was amazing.

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    This was a thoroughly fun one to read. Just couldn't put it down.

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    I didn't guess who did it so the end was a shocker! This second mystery novel has more great fun and film noir.

    go A mysterious death. A brother searching for the truth. A devious ex-wife.