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Curative Education. Camphill Schools. Healing Sessions I - Steven, diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome and epilepsy - Jane, diagnosed with Dystrophic Syndrome with coronal synostasis and epilepsy - Lucy, diagnosed with Velo-Cardio-Facial or Shprintzen Syndrome and epilepsy - John, diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome and within the autistic spectrum - Tracey, diagnosed with epilepsy and autistic behaviours - Sandra, diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

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Healing Sessions II - Simon, diagnosed with autistic features and emotional and behavioural difficulties - Larry, diagnosed with Lowe's Syndrome and Asperger's type of autism - Susan, diagnosed with meningo encephalitis brain damage and also within the autistic spectrum - Harry, diagnosed with hypoxic brain damage and epilepsy - Ben, diagnosed with a complex chromosome abnormality and global developmental delay - Brenda, diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder 6.

Healing Sessions III - Peter, diagnosed with global developmental delay in language, with fine and gross motor problems and hypotonia - Dora, diagnosed with complex difficulties; reportedly Williams Syndrome and autistic features - Alan, diagnosed with autism - Trevor, diagnosed with autism, mild cerebral palsy and aphasia - Mark, diagnosed with autism - Wendy, diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

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Related Titles. Stay Informed. This can be done daily. Teach crystal children how to use the White Light. Because crystal children are highly tuned there energy picks up emotions quickly. You can teach them how to surround themselves in this protective shield of White Light. Do this every morning and especially before bedtime. Exercise is important for everyone, but Crystal Children need to burn off the extra energy that they pick up. This helps them to release many emotions that they hold inside.

Start with something simple like dancing or gymnastics. You can then in time move into something different. The main thing is to keep them moving and not become stagnant.

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Maintain Nature in your home. Keep plants, rocks, crystals, aquariums and other beautiful natural things in your home. This will keep your Crystal Child connected to nature and bring them peace. Quiet Space: have a room in your house that is quiet with no electronics of any sort as crystal Children tend to pick up the energy from electronics. Allow this room to be just for them. Have them do things that they love such as artwork, reading, puzzles, Legos, when you remove them from electronics you will see a change in their behavior.

Epsom Salts Baths are extremely healing as they pull toxins from the physical body and also helps to clear negative energies. Give your child an Epsom Salts Bath nightly and you will see a tremendous change. Avoid using chemicals in your home. These chemicals not only are toxic to the body, but to the mind.

Maintain a relaxed mood using relaxing music have this playing on low in the background at home. Chaotic loud music is only going to disturb their energy. It is advisable to keep electrical stuff out of their bedrooms to protect your children from the energy that these electronic devices send out. Doing this will help them to sleep more peacefully.

Using Energy Healing. A parent or relative can also be used as a surrogate for a child or animal. To prepare for a Connection to Healing session, make a list of the issues you would like to work on and make sure to drink plenty of water before the session.

After a Connection to Healing session, drink plenty of water for the next several days. Water helps to release the toxins that will continue to leave your body. Be sure to contact Lee with any questions or observations afterwards. Some people like to keep a journal as they notice changes in their lives and begin a Return to Wholeness. Connection to Healing is universal and can be found in the mystical teachings of all religions.

It is a gift of Love. In the past only mystics had access to this gift. Now each one of us can receive this gift!

Spiritual Healing with Children with Special Needs

As a Connection to Healing facilitator, Lee does not do the actual healing. She opens the space and becomes a channel for the energy so you can do the healing yourself. Until you experience a session, it is only natural to be skeptical. What really matters is if you are truly ready to move forward in your life. The information contained on this website about Connection to Healing, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, and other material, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice.

Phone: Box , Boca Raton, FL, Connection to Healing.

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Home Connection to Healing Healing Sessions. What happens during a "Connection to Healing" Session? Part 1: First Lee will ask what you would like to work on. What is an Energy Block? Can Connection to Healing help with a disease?

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How many sessions are needed? What about Indigo Children or Crystal children? Can Connection to Healing help with animals? How does a remote session work? How do I prepare for a Connection to Healing session?