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Host this exhibition. About the Exhibition. The screenplay by John V.

B-TV's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (2012)

Weaver was based on the classic novel of the same name by Mark Twain. The movie was the first film version of the novel to be made in color. The United Artists release includes most of the sequences familiar to readers of the book, including the fence-whitewashing episode; a wild raft ride down the Mississippi River ; Tom and Huckleberry Finn 's attendance at their own funeral , after the boys, who were enjoying an adventure on a remote island, are presumed dead; the murder trial of local drunkard Muff Potter; and Tom and Becky Thatcher's flight through a cave as they try to escape from Injun Joe , who is revealed to be the real killer.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the fourth film adaptation of the Twain novel, following versions released in , , and , and this is the first filmed in Technicolor. Potter originally was signed to direct but was fired and replaced by Taurog after George Cukor declined the assignment.

Tommy Kelly, a Bronx fireman 's son, was selected for the title role through a national campaign waged by producer David O.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Timeless Classics)

Selznick, who later would conduct a similar search for an actress to portray Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. According to a memo he sent to story editor Katharine Brown, he originally hoped to cast an orphan as Tom, feeling such a stunt would receive "tremendous attention and arouse such a warm public feeling that it would add enormously to the gross of the picture. After reading the comment cards completed by an audience at a sneak preview of the film, Selznick sent director Taurog a memo expressing concern about the climactic scene in the cave, which many viewers had described as "too horrible for children.

On the strength of the designs for the cave sequence executed by William Cameron Menzies , Selznick hired him for Gone with the Wind. Crisler of The New York Times wrote that Tommy Kelly was "a miracle of casting" and called the film "one of the better pictures of the year" on the strength of the source material alone, but also criticized the film for including scenes of "cheap and obvious" slapstick involving such things as tomatoes and cake icing.

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Crisler told producer David O. Selznick to "get busy on 'Gone with the Wind', will you, before WE begin throwing tomatoes.

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Time Out London called the film "extraordinarily handsome to look at, with exquisite Technicolor camerawork by Wong Howe and some imaginative designs. TV Guide described it as "a lively production featuring a quick pace, a chilling climax, and a surprising amount of wit. Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

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By: Mark Twain. Illustrated By: Iacopo Bruno. Wishlist Wishlist. Write a Review.

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