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American Dream: How the original philosophy has been redefined - Big Think

Despite the surplus of idealistic notions, the idea of the American Dream as a materialist one began to take hold in the s. The G. The move towards materialism was so great then that economist John Kenneth Galbraith feared that American values had begun to decay. An image of s suburbia with a new car, pre-fab house and all. It can be easy to understand why the children of the Great Depression might be interested in pursuing this kind of life.

It would take less than 15 years for another generation to start to rebel against it.

Real estate advertising especially hammered home the point that the American Dream had something to do with material wealth and owning a place of your own, for obvious reasons. This idea remains popular, with president George W. This trend towards seeing the dream as a material one has only intensified.

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The ever-changing notion of the American Dream is, in a way, in line with all of these definitions. The idea of a country where you can dream for more and reach higher than the last generation could is a common thread in all of these eras.

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation (with Indonesian Subtitle)

It is the goal which changes, though in many ways it may be that it was only being identified more clearly. The idea of the American Dream also has facsimiles around the world.

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In Australia, there is the Australian Dream of homeownership bringing security. Even if nobody is quite sure as to what it is, the concept of the American Dream remains well known all over the world. Add to List. Carol L. Author: Shing Yin Khor Shing Yin Khor is a cartoonist and installation artist exploring personal narrative, new human rituals, and collaborative worldbuilding through graphic memoir and large scale art structures, and creating comics at the intersection of race, gender, immigrant stories, and queerness.

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