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Over shards of palm-muted guitar, Cobain envisions walking into a horrific barber shop and being sexually assaulted by the entire cast of The Andy Griffith Show. But they lurched into the riff nonetheless — first instrumentally, then with Cobain wildly screaming the lyrics. Extra points to the frontman for attempting the Jimmy Page guitar solo.

He was also capable of Another head-scratching Brazil outtake, this one with the singer yelping over a two-chord guitar vamp and death march drums. Sonic Youth must have been intrigued by the TMI lyrics — they recorded a cover version in The only noteworthy element is the way the music slows at the end, a clever arrangement trick rarely utilized in rock.

I was just throwing together words. Novoselic's bouncy, Tina Weymouth-ish bassline is a particular highlight.

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Given its early stage tracked during the KAOS radio show , the song shows promise — hinting to the four-chord triumphs he'd perfect soon after. While the other two "Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam," "Molly's Lips" were destined to become career highlights, "Son of a Gun" fell through the cracks in their catalog. But he was capable of some dazzling moments when the mood struck: See this rabid live Thunder and Roses cover, tracked during their KOAS radio session. The first half of the song is fairly pedestrian hard rock, giving way to a blaring solo that conjures the punky spawn of Tony Iommi.

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Butterworth," With the Lights Out Cobain rants about poverty "Maybe someday I can get rid of that piss-stained mattress I've been sleeping on" , an overall low quality of life "My life is shit, shit," "I'm gonna die; who wants to say? The reference to his "libido" can't help but recall one of the band's most famous tunes — but "Smells Like Teen Spirit" didn't sound like it was recorded with the microphones inside a trash can.

No clue. But his gross-out sex lyrics are somehow immensely entertaining, as he raves about anal intercourse, splayed-out "dingalings," and masturbation. With those lyrics, it was never destined to be a classic. They never finished it off, so Love passed the symbolic baton to Iggy Pop , but her late husband's hero politely declined.

At least the two were able to meet during Cobain's lifetime: "Iggy Pop is pretty much the only person that I've ever met that I really, really admire," Cobain told Much Music in Discarding the lyrics and any real musical development , the bluesy riff just kinda plods on and on.

But there's a real charm to the off-hand jam vibe, with the guitarists building mammoth, Black Sabbath -y distortion over Mark Pickerel's tumbling drum fills. This Nevermind castaway emerged under that moniker on With the Lights Out as a catchy four-chord rocker. It bears more than a slight resemblance to "Polly," with a simple, four-chord riff punctuated by brief moments of calm. The highlight comes around halfway through with a nifty hard-rock guitar breakdown.

Most of those recordings saw the light of day during Cobain's lifetime, with tracks popping up on Bleach and Incesticide. This one remained on the cutting room floor for years — partly because they never properly finished it. After a barrage of jackhammer riffs, the song ends with an anticlimactic fade-out. They ran out of tape halfway through the session. Some fans have joked that the lyric "I've been looking for Day Glo" sounds like "I've been looking for Dave Grohl" — given how mumbly Cobain's lyrics were at this point, I guess we can't write it off for sure.

The song, a leftover from the sessions of the Blew EP, lacks the melodic or dynamic focus that flourished on Nevermind. But it proved Nirvana were already rising above their late-'80s murk. Nevermind 's secret closer wasn't exactly a masterpiece: It's basically seven minutes of feedback, fuzz, caterwauling, and what sounds like the dying cries of a blown-out synth-bass. But as a jolting grand finale after the tranquil acoustic ballad "Something in the Way," the contrast still retains some of its original excitement.

Even in its unfinished state, its gloominess is haunting. The track peaks with a furious instrumental climax and a blaring guitar solo that resembles a short-circuiting dial-up modem. The vocal is pure insanity — a deafening squall that sounds like a rowdy toddler screaming between bites of food. The song's most notable feature is its start-stop rhythmic attack, which offers a strange forward motion. The music itself is a bit slight, but it's fun hearing Cobain shout about doing "the twist" in a bluesy drawl.

Using any other standard, it's a solid rock song, built on a spidery Novoselic bassline and Cobain-in-pop-mode hook.

When it emerged on With the Lights Out , this acoustic bedside recording couldn't help feel a bit underwhelming, with Cobain belting a Beatles -ish melody in a key slightly too high for his quivering voice. But you can hear the seed of a Nevermind -level song here, which only amplifies the sadness.

The result, propelled by Novoselic's piercing bass riff, offers far more ear candy than anything else in their Bleach -era repertoire — proving Cobain had yet to fully embrace his melodic side.

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The haunting, understated "Marigold" was our first glimpse — first appearing on his cassette-only album, Pocketwatch , under the name Late! Grohl's melodic gifts are already in full bloom here, even if he sounds a bit under-confident as a vocalist.

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Just compare it to the more intense version from Foo Fighters' live album, Skin and Bones. At its core is an angular, chromatic guitar riff and vocal melody that wipes the floor with 90 percent of Bleach. But sloppiness takes it down a few pegs: Channing, in particular, sounds unsure of the song's structure, rushing many of his snare fills. Channing offers one of his standout Nirvana performances, barreling the song forward with his furious snare rolls. His voice snaking around a detuned riff, he recalls "[searching] for a church," cutting class, and, um, bed-wetting.

Cobain's guitar solo is one of his finest moments as a player — a frightening eruption of tremolo and sustain. But the experiment doesn't dull the magic of the original melody or lyric. Shopping Basket. Compare Products. Delete all. Faber Music The Best of Nirvana 9 ratings.

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