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Would CEOs opt to read the book, and have collective changes of heart, or at least terrible pangs of conscience keeping them awake at night?

Every Seed Carries a Secret

One would truly hope so. Here's why: In June, Clinton, whose early career as an attorney included representing Monsanto, upset hosts of environmentalists when she reiterated her support for genetically modified organisms at the Biotechnology Industry Organization International Convention in San Diego.

As a keynote speaker she observed that the biotech industry needs to come up with " a better vocabulary " to change negative public perception about GMO agriculture. Katherine Paul, communications director for the Organic Consumers' Association, has since initiated a Moveon. She has called for leaders who will push back against Monsanto and points to scientists, medical professionals and climate experts who have warned "that a food and agriculture system built around poisons like Monsanto's Roundup and [Dow AgroScience's] 2,4-D, a system that promotes soy and corn monocultures instead of crop diversity, is unhealthy for humans and the environment.

Paul is correct about not needing a better vocabulary. We already have the words. The better vocabulary Clinton seeks lives in the earth-based traditions of world religions. Sacred Seed revisits them. Chittister reminds us of the 14 th -century English mystic Julian of Norwich, who holding an acorn in her hand said, "In this there is all that is.

Seeds of the food that nourish us, she writes, are the only genuine promise we have of the future. But we must never forget that humans are seeds, too. And some of us have become parties to destruction in the name of progress. Said Chittister: "We are either seeds of eternal hope or we are seeds of starving despair … and now so accustomed have we become to destruction in the name of progress, we are on the brink of commercializing seed, of politicizing seed … of genetically modifying seeds for the sake of someone's control of creation, of making seed the new military weapon of the twenty-first century.

Bartholomew, the archbishop of Constantinople, directs us back to the Christian scriptures, theology and tradition, where seeds are seen as divine, ascribed to and describing the very Son and Word of God.

The divine Word, he says, is "mysteriously planted in people's hearts, where it calls for proper care and nurture in order to bear fruit. The green patriarch tells us that seeds are crucial for the life system of our planet, for the healing of disease, for providing fresh oxygen for people to breathe.

By growing food organically and at home, we are decreasing our footprint on the plant, possibly even more than carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants. Vandana Shiva -- probably one of the most internationally-known environmentalists and defenders of biodiversity -- started Navdanya, a network of seed keepers and organic producers in ,when she learned of corporate plans to patent seeds and genetically modify all types.

Shiva has drawn her inspiration from the "sanctity of life, the sacredness of seed. Her homeland of India has suffered terribly from genetically engineered crops. India had ,00 rice varieties before the Green Revolution of the s, Shiva said, but now this astounding diversity has been erased by monocultures. Before GMOs the tribal peoples and peasants developed special types of rice for lactating mothers, babies and the elderly. Conserving and growing diversity comes as naturally as breathing," Shiva observes. And care is intertwined in the process.

But today's GMO agriculture, she said, is based on greed, and "greed cannot deal with care; it promotes carelessness. Thanks to corporate carelessness, India today has eight globally-traded commodities, most of them in GMO corn and soy. Since the seeds are patented, corporations can collect royalties from farmers. When "seed freedom disappears and farmers become dependent on GMO seeds, they, in effect become seed slaves," Shiva said. Since more than , farmers have committed suicide , largely due to debt. The same silly weeds have been bothering humanity for a million years.

Human beings have still not figured out how to handle them. Simple things like anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, doubt — the same silly weeds have lasted too long because weeds do not need any nurturing or protection — they just grow. But if you want a sacred seed to sprout and prosper, you have to weed the place, cultivate the land, manure it and make sure enough water and sunlight find their way.

If you are afraid of the harshness of the sunlight and avoid it, you will also avoid its life-nourishing warmth. Do not waste your time constantly going through the same nonsense that human beings have gone through for a million years. It is time to do some new nonsense at least! That which is the basis of life is also that which ends life.

That which bakes also burns. If you are a good cook, you bake; if you are a bad one, you burn. If you want to avoid the sunlight and go stand in the shade, you will miss the warmth of the life-nourishing light. Baking bread is a very simple but subtle operation. One who knows, does it effortlessly.

AQUILES PRIESTER - The Glory of the Sacred Truth (Edu Falaschi)

One who does not know burns it up and produces coal. Making the spiritual process work is very simple if you give in to the whole process. It is very hard if you resist and struggle with the simple process that is set forth. The same nonsense: this moment it is true, the next moment it is not true; this moment it is great, the next moment it is not great. Do not do this to yourself. If it were some unique nonsense you were doing, fine; but these are the same old weeds. There are no new weeds — people have done it all.

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This damn weed-growing business is a very simple process. One is instruction. The next is integrity. If you maintain these three things, the spiritual process will work miraculously well. You have to look at it every day.

Sacred Seed - Working With Oneness

Carefully look at the instruction and stick to the instruction. When I say integrity, any spiritual process given to you is towards inclusiveness. If you are trying to make yourself exclusive, it is lack of integrity. Right now, you are inhaling what everyone is exhaling. So you are very inclusive when it comes to survival.

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In body you are inclusive, in mind you are exclusive. This is lack of integrity. You become boundless not by becoming big. Only when you become a zero are you boundless. So do not use this to make yourself great. Use this as a process of dissolution.

This is not something you do just before your kriya. A sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seeds fell on the path, and the birds came and ate them up. Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they did not have much soil, and they sprang up quickly, since they had no depth of soil. But when the sun rose, they were scorched; and since they had no root, they withered away. Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them.

Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.