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He also holds the only PhD in Mexican comic books on the Eurasian landmass. If the circumstance should arise that he develops any hobbies, interests or any of life's significant milestones, he promises to let everyone know. Vampsov : A Spectre Haunting Europe. Daniel Ribot. Ludmilla Vatinashkaya already struggles to balance the challenges of marriage and family with her promising career as a captain in Stalin's army when she is ordered to direct Vampsov, a covert unit created to fight the most implacable enemies of the Soviet Union: vampires.

Kate gave me the OK to send the full manuscript and in time, gave me a contract to sign. Well, sort of. Another rewrite was necessary. Again, I did it. By now had danced its way across the world until the beast had finally been tamed. Only minor corrections and proofreading remained. The beast of Vampsov had been conquered. And so here it is, five years later, a lean, mean 80, word book with my name on it. Prould of the little fella, as it happens.

I think you should own one. You can buy them at Amazon or the good folks at Omnium Gatherum. Available to you from June 7th May 7.

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Writing is a funny old pastime when you think about it. It is at once the most solitary of pursuits while at the same time it throws people together into weird looking clusters; like those new-fangled breakfast cereals where grains and nuts are glooped together with honey supposedly honey, corn syrup more like. And so my own story goes. The sticky substance of collaboration stretched sweet tendrils and drew me fast, into a world I had no inkling of before.

And there, in the milky morning bowl of writerliness, I found some kindred souls and overstretched a simile. Faction Paradox FP is a fictional universe multiverse, is perhaps more accurate created by Lawrence Miles. It is based on the worlds created in the BBC TV series Dr Who, particularly the struggles and wars fought by Timelords and other dastardly shenanigans throughout history. FP stories are wide-ranging and varied.

Time-travel can take you anywhere, after all. There is a defined nucleus to all the stories, the city of London and the mythical 11 Day Empire which is home to the time-travellers. For me it was an honour, a chance to collaborate with Jay and contribute to my first ever short story anthology. Jay Eales, staring out from his Jigsaw-Puzzled World.

All the stories are good, although, of course I have my personal favourites. A mention too to Jim Worrad whose dazzling prose made an alien world come alive It also reveals his background as a classicist, methinks.

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But as I say, those are the ones that I liked best at the first few readings. I shall, however, keep a lookout for further works by all these authors and am now hooked by the Faction and its devilish paradoxes. Cheers, Jay! A special mention has to be made of the fantastic cover illustration made by Paul McCaffrey, especially as my wee story ended up being featured in the largest Russian Doll! May 4. Oohh, uuhh… whassertime? Just look at the place. The cobwebs, the rubbish, the stench of rat urine.. And yeah, big mea culpas are called for.

I got complacent after my 50 th hit and th post, thought I could rest on my laurels and my big fat behind. More posts are coming, my poor, benighted remaining readers. Posts on Faction Paradox to enthrall the Whovians, news fresh from the press, more stuff on comics. Yeah, but before that is the washing up, the laundry, got to find out what day the binmen are coming and all.

See you anon, my faithful readers, speak to you soon. Tags: Faction Paradox , Floppybootstomp , sorry. Oct 8. So far, I have managed to hold on to it and see all seven episodes twice. You see I remember watching the original series when first transmitted and for some reason, never forgot it. This fact is surprising to me. I have a memory like a sieve and Kinvig was only broadcast once in To date the series has never been repeated on any TV channel. Not ever. An aura of failure has clung to the series. No taste or patience, these TV chaps. Kinvig deals with the typical British TV staple, the abject failure.

Inside he discovers that one of his most difficult customers, Miss Griffin Prunella Gee is in fact an agent from another planet. Miss Griffin gives Des the task of helping thwart an alien invasion of the Earth in a series of missions most of which involve plotting against the local borough council. A strength or perhaps a weakness in terms of a mainstream audience is the ambiguity of the whole thing.

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One never knows whether Des is in fact mad or if the enigmatic Miss Griffin is really an alien agent. Jim and Des are pathetic characters with nothing going for them and are already prone to fantasize about alien abductions and government conspiracies.

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Des is also lazy, incompetent and his relationship with Miss Griffin is far from platonic. Obviously a sitcom that deals with such unsympathetic leads and possibly their erotic fantasies , will have a hard time in the world of commercial television — however well written it is. I, however, tip my hat to Mr Kneale and his cast. Kinvig is perhaps the best example Dennis Potter notwithstanding of magic realism in a TV comedy.

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Jim and Des have a world view that maybe skewed to believing in irrational or fantastical events, but this is a very human trait and it makes for a very human story. A bit like Billy Liar with space aliens. No wonder I did so badly in my exams…. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The purpose of Think Left is to present a view of politics from a left-wing perspective.

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Hearken, I bear tidings for thine ears or eyes , my lackadaisical collection of followers… So here it is: Less than 2 weeks from now, on October 17th I will be staging a launch party for my novel Vampsov A Spectre Haunting Europe. And you are all invited! Vampsov, rides into town. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. Snippety Snip! Ah, the wonders of snipping tools! Cool huh? Will be playing around with this stuff more in future. Vampsov the Toddler Oct 7. Vampsov unwrapped! Kinvig Oct 8. Des and miss Griffin on Venus. Leicester Writers' Club. Wayne Kelly Writes.

James Dargan Writer and Raconteur. Wilder Author of Dark and Fantastic Tales. Morgan Sylvia Through the Labyrinth. Sean's Secret Diary Dad, you read my diary?!

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