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Be authentic — Have, own and use your own voice. Be social - These platforms are called social media for a reason. Reach out to people, make connections, like their content, comment on their content, share their content.

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Act like you would in the physical. If you had a friend who always called to check on you, takes you out for lunch, asks about your business, gives you a raise when you are down, and another who only reaches out when she needs your help, which would you rather be in touch with? Always have it at the back of your mind that social media is firstly for interaction. Sales is a byproduct of the relationships you build.

Be interesting - Craft and weave stories around what you do and how it can benefit people. Have fun and share the fun. If you can, be funny! People want to laugh. But by all means let your content be relevant to your business. Be patient - Rome, as they say, was not built in one day. Before you start making serious sales online Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on , you need to build a community of people who know, like and trust you and this takes time!

Don't get me wrong, there are easy ways to build a quick following - buying them is one, but you'd end up with followers who are mostly irrelevant to your cause.

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After all, what's the purpose of having 1m followers who neither engage with nor buy from you? Did you find this useful? Please let me know below. You should also like double tap on the picture and tag a friend who could use the info too. Read the caption Important lesson for everyone Be capable enough so work will come to you rather you are finding the work. Comment if you agree.. Follow honourablethinking I AM Two of the most powerful words in existence YOU BECOME actor designer creator art artist ADHD pavellyartist designing pavellyactor imaginetheunimaginable mouredesignsandcreations pavelly moure loveeachother shareasandwich shareasandwichla shareasandwichamerica calabasas woodlandhills losangeles puertorico humanitarian photography respect.

Some more Monaco memories taken by a lovely man called Bill from globeregal Thank you for these lovely photos! Diskutiert mal in den Kommentaren.

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Filmas aisiais? I am the creator of my own life. From little things, big things grow!!! Here are some snaps from the archives!!!! Seven years ago today was our launch event and Ministry of Handmade was born!!!! What a ride it had been From very humble beginnings, we could only have imagined where we would end up!

Our first workshop consisted of my youngest son, our daughter-in-law and a friend who kindly let me teach them how to make a cushion do I could photograph it and put it on Facebook Now we make lampshades for boutique hotels, travel the length and breadth of the country running workshops, contract to schools, councils and universities, run weekend retreats, speak at events and more.

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Thank you to everyone who had been part of the journey so far. Whatever part you have played, big or small, we salute you all and honour you for helping make the world a better place by being part of a movement back to the grass roots of doing and making! Selamat ulang tahun untuk eiduart yang kemarin berulang tahun pada tanggal 5 Oktober!!! There is child in him who's angry. A rebel in him who's calm. There is the ultimate lover in him who doesn't believe in love. There is a saint in him whos cocky. And there is man in him who can't find himself.

And somewhere somehow he knows the comedy of it all. He takes all of it along. That's where he finds him. Versione manga azzurra ed anime bianca. Be gearslutz.

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That poor noob:- Why u bullying me? Thank you for watching. This site talks back to you. Is it a problem at school work? And you do not know where to go, whom to ask, for that one thing which if u knew, u would do the rest perfect. You can stop looking. For you have come to the right place.

That is right. This site sells ideas!!!

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There have been times when you have been seriously racking your brain for a new thought, a new brainwave or something refreshing for your business to sound new. You know you have the ability to think it loud but when it comes to writing, it is tougher, sometimes impossible.

Rest assured. This site helps you solve your writing problems. Whether it is an essay, a poem or an ad slogan, we have the answers.