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The table below summarizes the current storage possibilities. The solution that fits your research data depends on your specific security needs. SURFdrive allows you to store, synchronise and exchange GB of research data safely and easily with third parties.

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You have easy access to your data files from any device. The data is stored safely in the Netherlands and is never made available to third parties, which is a marked advantage over services like Dropbox. Personal data storage offers a personal map with standard 8 GB and back-up.


Group data storage is a data storage facility for multiple users in the same tutorial, department or research group. The standard storage space for a group folder is 50 GB and back-up. With bulk data storage large quantities of temporary or measuring data can be stored default without backup: contact your Faculty IT manager for the possibilities and costs of back-ups. Project data storage is similar to group data storage. The default size of files is 10 GB. Contact your Faculty IT manager for the possibilities.

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With Sharepoint you can share project information with third parties. Sharing information via SharePoint can decrease issues around version management and information retrieval. Sharepoint is more designed to share project information than research data.

The maximum size of a Sharepoint environment is 50 GB. The maximum file size is 50 MB.

Store, analyse and visualize your data

The y-axis shows the number of requests received from each country, and the countries are displayed across the x-axis. Bar, line, or area chart visualizations use metrics for the y-axis and buckets for the x-axis. Pie charts, use the metric for the slice size and the bucket for the number of slices. You can further break down the data by specifying sub aggregations.

The first aggregation determines the data set for any subsequent aggregations. For example, you could add a terms sub aggregation on the geo.

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For more information about working with sub aggregations, see Kibana, Aggregation Execution Order, and You. Kibana Guide [7. Creating a Visualization edit. Click on Visualize in the side navigation. Heat maps Shade cells within a matrix. Data table Display the raw data of a composed aggregation. Metric Display a single number.

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Goal and Gauge Display a gauge. Coordinate map Associate the results of an aggregation with geographic locations. Timelion Compute and combine data from multiple time series data sets. TSVB Visualize time series data using pipeline aggregations. Controls Controls provide the ability to add interactive inputs to Kibana Dashboards.

Markdown widget Display free-form information or instructions.